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Strutter's Complete Guide to Clown Make-up

The definitive clown textbook on how to apply clown make-up, written by clown...

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Super Frog!

Name the Sammy Smith trick that I have used in over 100 shows at libraries and church...

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Super Tooth Brush

Kids go nuts when they see this giant 20″ tooth brush

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Sure-Fire Kidshow Magic

Everything on this DVD, taped at Clown Camp LaCrosse in June 1983,works wonders...

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Table Cloth Stunt

35 minute DVD teaches you the real secrets of pulling that cloth from under the...

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Tail Spin

The old pin the tail on the donkey game gets a new twist, when the tail vanishes and...

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Talking Teeth

Wind them up with the key, let go, and they click open/closed for up to a minute.

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Tape Measure Wrist Watch

Pull out the stem of this plastic watch and it comes out 3 feet of tape measure

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