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Sponge Toothbrush

This yellow 14-inch long sponge toothbrush will bring out the clown in you! Funny...

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Stamp Album

Show a notebook, it changes in a flash to a stamp album with B & Wlined places...

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Stamp Album Trick

A blank school notebook suddenly becomes a stamp album complete with lined pages...

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Standing White Rabbit

Kids love this full-size Rabbit Puppet. David considers it the best one ever!...

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Star of the Show

A two inch yellow sponge ball pushed through your hand becomes a giant yellow star....

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Stocking Change Bag

Use this stocking like any change bag to vanish, produce or switch one thing for...

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Stretching a Rainbow

A four-foot silk streamer visually stretches to 20 feet right in your hands!

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Stripes Blow Blendo

Show a six-inch metal tube and tuck two 8-inch silks, red & white, inside....

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