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Goshman 3″ super soft SPONGE BALLS are great for many magical uses.

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Sponge Brick

This Goshman red sponge brick looks like the real thing. Easy to vanish! I pick...

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Sponge Bricks

Goshman makes these sponge bricks look like the real thing!

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Sponge Dog Bone

treat for the Magical DOG arm puppet

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On Facebook this year I’ve sold over 100 of Goshman’s imperfect Sponge Doves,...

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Sponge Hotdogs

Classic comedy item, a string of six Goshman sponge hot dogs. Sorry, no buns!

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Sponge Pencil

A giant sponge Goshman prop pencil that does nothing but look cute and funny. Take...

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Sponge Toolbox

Created by Steve Dacri, manufactured by Gosh! Here is the ultimate KITif you want...

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