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Woof Woof: the Big Dawg DVD


GET READY for a new kind of magical fun for children andfamily audiences! Start...

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GET READY for a new kind of magical fun for children and family audiences! Start by forgetting the idea that puppets are for children only. When puppets are presented with personality, everybody loves them — and no puppet is more adorable than this life-size English Sheepdog! That means with a little thought and practice — YOU CAN DO IT!

Originated by friends Cheryl & Jeremy Le Poidevin of Practical Magic in England, this big dog brings laughter to children of all ages! How do I know? Since Jeremy taught me his dog routine three years ago, I’ve personally used mine successfully in hundreds of live shows. And in a nutshell, CHILDREN LOVE IT! In order to share my American routine and Jeremy’s original, with permission I now offer you the best of both Dog Worlds, UK and USA.

On this 10 chapter DVD, you’ll see the following:
1. David’s Dog Performance
2. David’s Dog Explanation
3. Mouth Tricks & Ideas
4. Dog with Glasses
5. Change Bag Ideas
6. Hank in the Pocket
7. Dog Obedience School
8. Jeremy’s Performance
9. Jeremy’s Explanation
10. David’s Final Words

Yes, you’ll see both Jeremy and David present their routines inspired by Ron Bishop, plus lots of gags, hints, tips and ideas — the dog wearing disguises, blowing up a balloon, even finding his favorite food while blindfolded! There are explanations of how to hold the dog, how to animate him, how to entertain children and adults with him, fun with a magic wand, a running handkerchief gag, dog mouth tricks and lots more.

Bottom line: this DVD is crammed with more dog puppet tricks than you can use in one show — to stimulate your thinking and give you plenty of material to help YOU entertain your audiences!