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Wonder-FOOL Box


HERE’S A NEW, INEXPENSIVE item on themagic market that is not only fun to...

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HERE’S A NEW, INEXPENSIVE item on the magic market that is not only fun to perform, but it fools kids, teens, adults, everybody! This clear plastic box has a slot in the top. You can put money, rings, whatever inside. The problem is how do you get it out? Believe me, it’s easy—if you know how!

I’ve already been having fun opening the WonderFOOL Box right in front of kids, taking out a dollar bill, then immediately puffing it back inside and closing the box. I hand the box to one kid to open, and he can’t do it! Yes, it works the same on teens or grown-ups. You can even open the box BEHIND YOUR BACK! The secret is so simple, yet this little box baffles everyone! Use it on stage as a running gag. Have a child try to remove the sponge ball you keep inside for the next trick, but he can’t do it even though you show him how