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The ONLY Three Ways to Book Your Show


If you ever want to perform shows for money, this David Ginn textbook teaches you...

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Here is the David Ginn textbook on how to get PAID JOBS as a magician, clown, or other variety arts entertainer. In 144 pages with lots of photos & art examples of publicity materials, David explains how HE has made a living at magic for 35 years: through mass and specific mailings, telephone calls, and in person interviews with potential clients. Contents include mailing pieces, the list, going for long run, getting replies, direct contact & personal touch, advance book, who to call, in-coming calls, press book, how to interview, what’s the best answer? and lots more. In the second half of the book David explains 33 Self-Booking Tools you can use, from business cards and photos to press releases, FAX, ads, yellow pages and more.