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The Magic of Choices


MAGIC OF CHOICES lecture book and a DVD of the entire lecture.

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Last summer I premiered a NEW GOSPEL LECTURE at the FCM Conference in Indiana, complete with a new 27-page lecture book. I will present this lecture for the second time at the UK FCM conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire, England in February 2007. But if you don’t live in the UK and missed Indiana—here’s your chance to see me do this: With my permission, my friend Marvin Hall digitally videotaped the 84-minute presentation in full…and to 60 of you I can now off er a copy of the MAGIC OF CHOICES lecture book and a DVD of the entire lecture. The basic idea is that we all make CHOICES in our lives, little ones, big ones, and hopefully God enters into the choices you make. I tell some funny stories, have lots of laughs with a great live audience of nearly 200 people, plus share the following magic: Caterpillar/Butterfl y Race, Hot Flip Flops, Where’s the Fish?, Seven Life Choices, Jumbo McCombical Deck, Paul Escapes (Foxy Wrist Tie), Purple Orange Eater, Reading the Bible, Necklace Prediction, Everybody Wins, and No Door Knob. Also, my lecture book contains dozens of quotations about making choices, variations on the Golden Rule, Will the Real Proverb Stand UP (a fun quiz), Thoughts about How God Works, and Making My Plans. Indeed, I wrote this book to be more meaningful AFTER seeing the lecture! To be honest, I could sell this package for $25-35. But to the fi rst 60 who order…you may have the MAGIC OF CHOICES BOOK, DVD, and a FREE Caterpillar Puzzle