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The Color-Filled Kidshow


84 minutes of fun and magical education inthis live lecture! Taped at the 2006...

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Join David Ginn for 84 minutes of fun and magical education in this live lecture! Taped at the 2006 FCM conference in Marion, Indiana, The Color-Filled Kidshow is all about adding color to your performance. David talks about how & why children love colorful things, then illustrates by presenting full versions of some favorite warm-up tricks: Silk Illusion, Color Changing Shoelaces, and Hot Flip Flops. Next David performs and explains colorful magic to music: Balancing a Cane, Stretching a Rainbow, Color Explosion Blendo, Different D’Lites, and Colorful Wreaths. As he talks of “acting” while performing to music, he explains his Sponge Balls & Silk Production pictured on the DVD cover. Other tricks & explanations include: Silver Sceptre, Cheat Blendo with a Message, Three Cup Water Monte, how to get more out of the Magic Coloring Book, and finally — how to LOAD a magic hat. You’ll not only enjoy watching this lecture, you’ll have fun LEARNING. And even more fun when you use this material in your own shows for children.