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Tape Measure Wrist Watch


Pull out the stem of this plastic watch and it comes out 3 feet of tape measure

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Check out my video Its About Time to see this performed live. It’s a wrist watch with a cloth band that I wear at the beginning of the show. What Happens?

“This is my new watch,” I announce. “It’s very important that I keep on schedule, and this watch helps me do that. In fact, according to my watch — it’s 27 INCHES after the hour!” Saying that I pull a TWO FOOT cloth tape measure out of the watch and pause for audience reaction. Older kids get the joke, and the younger just laugh at the sight. Either way, it gets positive reaction!

“Whats wrong?” I ask the kids. “You’ve never heard of MEASURING TIME?” The moment I say that line, I push the button in the center of the watch, and the tape measure quickly retracts back into the watch, leaving it just like it started. That gets another laugh, and the show continues.

The plastic watch is colorful; the strap fits most any arm; and the cloth tape measure will not cut your arm.