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Tail Spin


The old pin the tail on the donkey game gets a new twist, when the tail vanishes and...

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Years ago I used Supreme’s Donkey Game in lots of birthday parties because children still LOVE to pin the tail on the donkey. Long off the market, now Sammy Smith has produced a NEW, and YES improved version called Tail Spin! He’s even improved his first version of it now by LAMINATING the donkey picture and including a heavy duty envelope to hold the donkey. What happens? You show a picture of a donkey with no tail, put it into a window envelope. Then you have a child pretend to toss a rope tail, and pulling out the picture, you find the tail stuck to the donkey’s NOSE! Try again and the tail vanishes! You turn around and the children start screaming…the tail is handing out the back of YOUR PANTS! Hey, who’s the donkey now? Do kids love this? Of course they do! Tail Spin complete with donkey, tails, instructions!