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Strutter’s Complete Guide to Clown Make-up


The definitive clown textbook on how to apply clown make-up, written by clown...

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Let’s face it—it takes know-how to create a professional looking clown face. Contrary to popular belief, a proper clown face is not worn as a mask It should be designed to compliment the natural features in the face in order to enhance the clown’s expressions.

Award-winning clown and former president of the World Clown Association, JIM “Strutter” ROBERTS describes the different types of clown faces in 96 big faces and how you can design a unique face of your own. Using over 1-00 color photos and other illustrations, Jim provides step-by-step directions for whiteface, auguste and tramp faces.

Simple enough for beginners to learn, yet detailed enough for professional entertainers, CLOWN MAKEUP will give you that pro look You’ll also find loads of tips on powdering, applying rubber and putty noses, handling eyeglasses, solving common makeup problems, and proper makeup selection and removal.

Jim Roberts has won makeup and skit competitions at regional and national clown conventions. He teaches clowning for the Continuing Education Department at the University of Kentucky, where he perfected many of the techniques described in the book.

In a word, CLOWN MAKEUP is possibly the best single makeup book on the market, and it will seriously help you.