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Stretching a Rainbow


A four-foot silk streamer visually stretches to 20 feet right in your hands!

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As a teen I did Milbourne Christopher’s Stretching a Rope in many shows. Now I’ve done it with a silk streamer in over 400 live shows! Show or produce (thumbtip) a 4-ft silk streamer. Wave it around freely, then begin to pull it back and forth between your hands. Suddenly the streamer becomes LONGER…6 feet, 8 feet, now 10 feet long, and the stretching continues until the streamer is fully 20 feet long and can be waved freely with the hands empty. Th is is beautiful visual silk magic! I supply a 2″ x 4-ft streamer, a 2″ x 16-ft streamer, both gimmicked here in Ginnville, plus detailed instructions as I do the effect.