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Sponge Bricks


Goshman makes these sponge bricks look like the real thing!

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This summer I am reviving my “Secrets of Ancient Egypt” show for libraries and carrying it into the next school year for my regulars. When I first presented it 10 years ago, I told kids how the Egyptians built the pyramids without any machines. To illustrate, I showed the kids how to pick up FIVE real bricks with one hand, a stunt I learned years ago. This summer I plan to do the stunt with five Goshman SPONGE BRICKS to save strain on my back (remember, surgery 2011?). These bricks are the solution! They look like red/brown school house bricks. You can switch a real brick for one of these, then accidentally drop it for a laugh. Jim Steinmeyer used one in his lecture to switch for a paper bag vanish. Endless uses!  Only $7.00 each!