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Slush! Magic Tricks with Slush Powder


Dozens of tricks and gags you can do using magical G Powder or Slush Powder.

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At long last here’s a book that I can recommend about tricks with G-powder or slush powder! Compiled & edited by Gabe Fajuri with contributions by Patrick Page, Slush! is 32 pages packed with advice, gags, and actual tricks you can accomplish using this super absorbent polymer powder. You’ll find Water Monte, Vanishing Liquid, Anti-Gravity Vanish, Confetti Cascade, Broken/Restored, Jokes & Gags, Shot Put, Rainbow of Color, Vent Act, Follow the Leader, Human Water Pump, Candy Factory, Milk to Silk, Water for Brains, Liquid to Newspaper, Bowl Be Gone, and plenty more. Really good stuff! .At long last here