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Silver Sceptre


The best rising wand ever, thanks to Terry Herbert

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When I first encountered the Silver Sceptre from Supreme in 1985, I thought it was an expensive trick at $16. So I never used it. Years later I saw Terry Herbert perform the trick. It was hiliarious. So I adapted Terry’s version and used it in 300 performances of my Magic Express show. Kids loved it. In effect, this simple silver (okay, aluminum 16-inch rod) rises repeated from a 36-inch silk. When you put it inside the leather (okay, plastic) carrying case, it rises back out… finally shooting the case into the air (yes, that part is true). Kids love seeing the magician lose control and LAUGH about it when it happens to me…or YOU! By now I’ve shown this all over England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia…EVERYBODY loves it! See Crash Course on Kidshows or Kidshow How-to video for the routine!