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Sid Lorraine’s Thumb Fun


A lady’s selected playing card is imprinted in your thumbprint!



Twenty years ago I brought all the leftovers of this trick home with me from Sid’s house in Canada.  I assembled sets and sold them via mail order and at lectures, and paid Sid’s wife Rene Johnson royalties. Then we sold out. However, during the 2020 pandemic workshop cleanup, I found the Thumb Fun box. After sorting it out, we discovered by printing more instructions, there was enough parts to assemble 150 more sets of this wonderful trick.
Effect:  Spectator selects a card. Then you show her five little blank white cards. You press your thumb against the lady’s thumb, then onto one blank card. When you lift your thumb, there is a black thumbprint on the card and her selected playing card is imprinted in your thumbprint! This is a knockout trick to spectators! Taught to me personally by Doug Henning, who knew Sid. I have used Thumb Fun for over 50 years with great reaction. Now you can too!
Watch me perform the trick on YouTube (on this site), or go to YouTube and type in David Ginn Magic #100: Thumb Fun.
Thumb Fun kit includes Sid’s original instructions and over 50 little cards all made in Canada by Sid Lorraine.  As a bonus we have included another Sid Lorraine trick (long out of print) called “The Psychic Phish,” a humorous routine using the plastic Fortune Teller Fish we all know and love. Yes, the fish IS included!