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The $35 book & audio tape package is long gone and Vol. 1 is out of print. We have...

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SCHOOL SHOW PRESENTATION book, VOLUME 2/3 ONLY … ON SALE until out of print:

Before the wide-spread popularity of video tape, I produced this set of books and audio tapes in the early 1980’s, sharing magic and comedy and logistics about working at schools. But don’t be misled—this magic is plenty good for parties, churches and other kidshow venues.

In 300 pages and three hours of cassette tape, you’ll learn two super running gags, the Tree of India and the Snake Rifle. Then you’ll have fun galore with King Kong, the Ring House, Beads of Prussia, the Quick-Change Silk, and Gene Gordon’s Sword Thru Neck routine. Every word you hear on the tapes is COMPLETELY TRANSCRIBED in the books so you can check it out. All tapes were recorded live at Georgia schools over a five year period.

Just check out the 100-chapter contents:

SORRY!!!  Vol. One is OUT-OF-PRINT, no longer available!!!  READ VOL. 2/3 CONTENTS BELOW:


VOLUME 2/3 BOOK ONLY … LESS THAN 100 COPIES LEFT IN PRINT:::::: 176 page book with 9O min audio tape. Chapters as Follows:

OPENERS: (34) Some Explanation (35) Him (36) Magic + Comedy = Entertainment.

WAYS OF WORKING: (37) More Theme Shows (38) Taped Intro (39) Doing Magic to Music (40) What Kind of Music for Kids? (41) Using Familiar Items (42) Signs in Your Show (43) Delivering Messages (44) Making Stories Personal (45) Audience to Performer Distance (46) Using Assistants at Schools (47) Pack Small. Play Big (48) Ready to Go Tricks (49) Tricks List (50) Carry a Spare (51) Packing Cases (52) Closing with a Vanish? (53) Road Problems (54) Clicking on Your Switch.

TAPE SIDE A: (55) Taped Intro (56) Pom Pon Pole (57) Measle Bag (58) Library Quiet (59) Radio Rabbit (60) Tricky Bottles (61) Bullet Catching Card Trick (62) Michael Jackson’s Other Glove (63) Comedy Lunch Box (64) Darth Vader’s Stocks.

WORKING WITH KIDS: (65) Adult Supervision (66) Selecting Helpers (67) Two Important Things (68) Remembering Kids’ Names (69) You Never Really Know (70) Anticipating Audience Response (71) Dealing with Hecklers (72) Children and Animals (73) Rabbit Carrier (74) Rubber Production Goods (75) Costumes on Kids (76) Masks on Students (77) Letting Kids Act (78) One Man High School Show.

TAPE SIDE B: (79) Bongo Hat (80) Dracula’s Coffin (81) Money Warm-Up (82) Jumbo 3-Card Monte (83) The Watch Bag (84) Dagger Head Chest .

SCHOOL SHOW LOGISTICS: (85) Arrival at School (86) Unloading the Show (87) Physical Set-Up (88) Sound System (89) Keeping the Stage Clean (90) Know the Time Schedule (91) Wrapping Up the Show (92) Lunch on the Road (93) After the Show (94) Leaving the Stage (95) Loarl1ng the Show. CLOSERS: (96) Education vs. Entertainment (97) The Book List (98) Keeping Current (99) Another Secret (100) Who Was That Man?

I honestly believe that this book/tape package will enhance your children’s show performances. After all, I really wrote it all and recorded it all for YOU and YOUR KIDS.