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Sammy Smith: Double Dose DVD!


two Sammy Smith videos on one DVD . . . Features wonderful kidshow routines and...

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DVDs are the wave of the future, and that’s why my friend Sammy Smith has re-issued BOTH his excellent kidshow videos on one DVD! • The Magic Ingredient: Funny Magic to Make You a Kidshow Celebrity. Sammy’s first video contains children’s show routines I’ve seen him perform live dozens of times: Crayons to Scarf, Crystal Tube, Egg Bag, Headband Blendo, Billiard Balls, Nest of Boxes, Shrinking Glove, Imagination Cap, and Puff the Magic Rabbit, which kids and adults love! • Kidology: The Science of Making Kids Laugh. More fun for children, especially good for pre-schoolers—Invisible Flying Silk, Soft Soap, Beach BallsPortable, Cut & Restored Rope, Monster Hat, Funny Commercials and Jokes suitable for little kids. Live show footage enhances the studio explanations, making for you a great teaching tool. Sammy’s formula for kidshow success? Good material plus solid presentation. Each effect in these videos follows this rule, making you and your audiences the winners! .