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Safety Magic for Children


KARL WAGNER, veteran of over 10,000 school shows across the USA, has written the...

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KARL WAGNER, veteran of over 10,000 school shows across the USA, has written the first textbook on performing safety message magic. Not only does Karl offer you dozens of kidshow routines that are both FUN and FUNNY, but he teaches you how to inject safety messages (or ANY messages) into many standard tricks and routines. You’ll enjoy reading Karl’s patter and stories, plus his philosophy and real life examples. In these pages you’ll find enough material to create several complete shows; but if you use only one or two routines, you’ll be a winner with parents and teachers.

Furthermore, Safety Magic for Children teaches you how to WORK with CROWDS of children from a man who has “been there.” Karl’s love of children, his energy and his positive approach will all serve to inspire you in your own kidshow work.



1. Safety First: tell kids why, give examples, costuming, photo trick, controlling audiences, don’t embarrass. 14. Poison Can Hurt or Kill: Dads Don’t Know, Find the Poison, Which is Which?
2. Opening Grabber: Think Safety Paper Tear, Think Safety Book 15. Making Accidents Disappear: Cost Money, Think Safety Box, Eye Test, Van, Clock
3. Stop Light Safety, ropes, Beads of Prussia. 16. Some Animals Bite: Coloring Book
4. Street Safety, eyes play tricks, watch cars 17. Safety Games: Hanfman, Tic Tac Toe.
5. School Yard equipment: Monkey Bars. 18. Dangerous Sharp Objects: No Cut, You Cut and I’ll Restore.
6. School Bus Safety: Quiet on the Bus. 19. Rope Can Choke: Lucky Loops.
7. Strangers May Hurt You: Candy Stick 20. Fire and Firecrackers: Leave ’em Be!
8. Bicycle Safety: Humpty-Dumpty who? 21. Safety Posters: uses and sources.
9. Shoelace Safety: Bow Knot, Shoelaces. 22. Guns Aren’t for Play: Never Point a Gun, Are you sure that gun is empty?
10. Add-On Effects: Rabbit in Hat Puppet,Square Circle, Phone Call, Forgetfu1Freddy. 23. Patriotic Closers: 7 different American flag tricks.
11. Pollution Problems: Oink! Keep America Clean, Fish Don’t Dig Soap. 24. Sample Programs and Sources.
12. Police Image: 20th Century Silks, Police Switch, Hip Hop Crossing Guards 25. Safety Last, final stories & comments.
13. Safety Rules: Prof Nightmare, Watch Your Step.