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Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings


The definitive textbook on this classic effect.

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Here is THE BOOK that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the Linking Rings! Pete Biro has spent his lifetime compiling it – featuring the RINGS rich illustrious history, entertaining routines, and showcasing famous magicians who have built their reputations using this effect. You’ll even find a chapter of “linking things” which will help you create your own routines. Magical contributors include Levent, Jay Marshall, Harbin, Al Baker, Ken Brooke, Paul Daniels, Hilliard, Karrell Fox, Fred Kaps, Himber, Viktor Voitko and more. My own Comedy Linking Rings booklet is mentioned! There is something for everyone in this book. You’ll go through it cover to cover, just like I did, and you’ll learn more than you ever expected! 242 PAGES! 400 Illustrations! Hardbound! Beautiful typesetting!