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Rainbow Streamer 4″ x 30 feet


Beautiful multicolored silk streamer 4-in wide and yes THIRTY FEET LONG!!! The...

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Here are Rebecca and Lindsey (they pack your mail orders) trying to show you the BEAUTIFUL 4-inch x 30 FOOT silk streamer that Goshman has made appear! If you want a big, long, silk production item at a reasonable price—WAIT NO LONGER, because this is it! And there won’t be anymore of them at this price if Goshman remakes them at all! My favorite use of the 30-ft streamer is inside the Vanishing Coke Bottle … I make the bottle be gone and the streamer cascades out. It works well also in the Big Black Hat to have a kid pull it out. Hey, hundreds of uses…and it’s 30 feet of beautiful pure multi-colored rainbow SILK. LIMITED SUPPLY…while they last… .