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Rainbow Birthday Cake


This sponge cake springs up from 3″ to 16″ tall for an instant production...

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Greatest new product for birthday shows and schools in years—a 15-inch tall colorful four-tier foam cake that collapses to TWO inches and hides inside a six-inch dove pan. Pretend to bake a cake in the pan. . . sprinkle in confetti if you like . . . pop the lid on the pan and instantly lift it to let the RAINBOW BIRTHDAY CAKE appear! Or let the lid rise slowly— it looks like a real cake baking—and have the kids shout “Happy Birthday” and there’s the cake!


Either way the kids love it. I’ve just put mine through 300 school shows with great results. The RAINBOW BIRTHDAY CAKE is made by Peachey Keene in a colorful combination of red, pink, blue and yellow with a candle on top. Wonderful for stage or parties up close.