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Putting Yourself in God’s Hands


The entire focus of this presentation is “letting go and letting God be...

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David presented his third gospel magic lecture at the 2007 FCMconference in Marion, Indiana.


The entire focus of this presentation is “letting go and letting God be in charge” and various ways to sharethat concept. David’s main quote in the lecture is: “Knowing the will of God consists primarily in being prepared to do it before you know what it is.”


Tricks included and explained, with gospel patter, include: Coke Bottle from Jacket Production, Newspaper Tree, the Table Cloth Stunt, Rajah’s Necklace, Water Jar Mystery (hydrostatic glass—the easiest version you’ll ever find—and gimmick comes with the book!), Hunter’s Puzzle Knot with a Helper, the story of Fred with the Wobbly Legs,
Silk in Balloon, Disbanded on Stage, and the Cross in the Jar of Rice.


Additionally, in the 30 page lecture book you will find 3 Thoughts about Success, Sunday School Notes, and an inspirational story to close. David attempted in the 67 minute lecture to present the entire lecture book from start to finish. With a little help from an audience of friends, he nearly succeeded!
Putting Yourself in GOD’s Hands: 30 page BOOK + 67 min DVD