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PROMOTING ME AND YOU II is the biggest book on booking magic shows ever published!...

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PROMOTING ME AND YOU II is the biggest book on promoting and booking shows EVER published in the magic field.  Long out of print (OOP), this 500 page 8.5 x 11 inch book is hardbound.  It contains literally hundreds of photos, clipping, letters, brochures, postcards and more ACTUALLY USED by working professionals who donated their actually PUBLICITY PIECES to this enormous project, which David and friends/family produced in 1983. The book weighs over FIVE POUNDS.  Original price was $125 and the entire 1000 copy edition sold out within 10 years.  Now David occasionally “finds” or trades for used copies and offers them on the site.  Each copy offered here is in good reading condition with all pages intact.  Also, David will AUTOGRAPH your copy to you.  If you want to book shows in magic, here is your method to the fun!