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Popaway Wand


The classic kidshow prop wand where the ends pop off and kids scream with laughter!...

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TRIXIE BOND has remade the old Supreme Popaway Wand, which she calls POPSY WAND, but it’s the same thing!  Squeeze the soft plastic wand and the end caps pop off. But don’t waste time chasing caps, which might hit kids or cause a riot. Instead, I use a 40″ piece of rope or better a 40″ thumb tip streamer duct taped inside the caps and running through the wand. When the ends pop off, they dangle (behind your back) and kids shout to tell you. Watch my YouTube video of FOUR COMEDY WANDS, you’ll see! And if you were to ASK, I might toss in a 40″ rainbow streamer (the kind I use) with the purchase of the wand.