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Nursing Home Clowning


A 200 page book explaining how to work comedy, magic, clowning for people in nursing...

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Years ago Anita Thies wrote Hospital Clowning, and now, along with 16 clown friends, Anita has taken that same comedy to nursing homes to make a diff erence for senior citizens through love and laughter. Her new book is Nursing Home Clowning, a 200-page goldmine of material teaching you how to work for these audiences. Chapters include Understanding Your Audience, Getting Started, Routines, Clown Ministry, Santa/Mrs. Santa, Jr Joeys, Skits, resources and more. There are tricks, gags, jokes, experiences by Richard Snowberg, Susan Kleinwachter, Aurora Krause, Ruth Matteson, Kathy Piatt, Curt & Diana Patty, Janet Tucker, and more — including how to make a spring chicken, chicken cordon bleu, cat scan, chicken from a towel, exercise block, napkin rose, and lots more. To my knowledge, this is the only book written on this special subject. Super!