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Necklace Prediction


Spectator selects one of four little plastic hearts and magician reveals which...

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Good things sometimes come in small packages … and for low prices! This is indeed one of them. Want proof? Well, I took two dozen on my Italy-Spain tour and SOLD OUT before the tour ended! Amazing! Open the plastic jewelry box shown, and remove 4 plastic hearts: red, green, black, blue. Close the box. Have someone select one of the hearts and hold it in her hand. Isn’t that amazing? you tell her. Why? Because I left the chain in the jewelry box, and look what is hanging from it. So saying, you again open the box (which you never showed empty). You remove now a golden chain with one heart hanging on it, the exact color selected by the spectator! Believe me—this really amazes them! It is SO EASY to do! And it’s not always the same color heart selected. Carry everything in the box in your pocket and perform this one anywhere. You’ll love doing it, just add your own personality and storyline. .