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Middle Diddle Silk


Kids love it because they love “to catch you!”

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SERIOUSLY, this is one of the best-selling, inexpensive tricks I’ve ever performed myself and also offered to magicians. Kids love it because they love “to catch you!” It packs small, plays big, comes with the silk, and appears on my new Hats Rabbits DVD! Show the board with three holes, one in the red end, one in the yellow end, one in the striped middle. Push a red silk into the red end. Pass the board behind your back and the silk jumps to the yellow end. Repeat this until the kids realize you’re turning it over. “What? Next thing I know you’ll want me to put the red scarf into the middle!” So saying that, with a magical pass the red scarf instantly appears in the MIDDLE of the board. Believe me, this is VERY easy to perform and you’ll love doing it. A complete sell-out at six conventions, UK, Italy, Spain lecture tours!