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Magical Dog Arm Puppet


BACK IN STOCK after nearly a year!!! Here’s new magical fun for children &...

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Here’s new magical fun for children & family audiences — a life-size dog puppet who does magic and comedy! Since I brought my sheep dog home from England three years ago, I have used “Sherlock Bones” in hundreds of children’s shows to excellent results. Kids love this dog! He becomes REAL to them! When he magically finds his favorite food card while blindfolded, he even fools adults!

My 52-minute DVD teaches the entire routine, plus shares Jeremy LePoidevin’s British routine & tips as well. Additional material includes David Ginn comedy ideas like Hank in Pocket, Change Bag ideas, mouth tricks and a trip to Dog Obedience School. Get your own dog arm puppet and open a whole new chapter in your performing life!

  • He does magic while he’s blindfolded!
  • Kids think he’s real!
  • Our 52-minute DVD shows full routines, gags, tips, and ideas
  • Five Full Color Laminated Food Cards
  • Life-size English Sheep Dog Arm Puppet
  • Dog can fill 1/3 of a birthday party show
  • Summer ’08: Sold out at PCAM Monterey CA, IBM/SAM Louisville KY & Abbott’s Colon MI
  • Watch David’s YOUTUBE VIDEO for a sample of the FUN!