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Live Kidbiz 5/6


Two more videos on one DVD complete the set, Lost Kidshow Magic from many shows...

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Double DVD containing Live Kidbiz 5 & 6, two hours total viewing time: LK5: Lost Kidshow Magic. Clips from 1979-1991, from Washington State to Sydney, Australia, showing routines I have worked thousands of times, new if you’ve never seen them, all explained in the LK2 Textbook: Dollar Bill Production, Balloon Bunny, Neck Twister, Olympic Ring Toss, Movie Posters, Alfred the Card Spider, Banana Bunny, Shooting Card Trick, Watch Watch Bag, Disecto, Jumbo 3 Card Monte, and Gene Gordon’s Sword Through Neck. LK6: The Lost Library Show. Here is a complete library show, taped and broadcast on TV in Cartersville Georgia June 1984, discovered in a video search when I was planning LK5. You’ll see Instant Rubik Cube, Hot Book Warm-up, Double Wands to Flowers, Juggling Scarves & Blowtie Blendo, Sponge Ball Production, Coin Pail, Test Tube Bunny, Quiet in the Library, Shrinking Glove, 3 Balloon Card on Back, PacMan 20th Century, Book Talk, Head Chopper, Vanishing Rabbit, and MJs Missing Glove, a hilarious bonus cut. Lots of FUN!