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Live Kidbiz 3/4


Two videos on one DVD, Storytelling with Magic and Costuming Kids for Laughs,...

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This double DVD contains Live Kidbiz 3 & 4 videos, each one an hour long. LK 3: Costuming Kids for Laughs. Children love to dress up. Here I show you exactly how I have used this fact to create laughter in shows at schools, kindergartens, and libraries. You’ll see hats, glasses, coats, vests, aprons, beards, banners, shirts, and skirts brought into the action to embellish the magic routines and simply make them more fun. Highlight is the Cowboy Race, an explanation of how real cowboys dressed and a guest visitor in a ten-gallon hat. You won’t believe the little guy who “wins” the race! Completing LK3 is my “Radio Show,” a 17-minute play using magic to depict a live broadcast of a 1930s radio murder mystery. You’ll be laughing and trying to guess “Who did it?” LK4: Storytelling with Magic. Every clip on this video either tells a story or delivers a message, including: Magic Drawing Board, Jolly Polly George, Save Our Water, Big Bad Kong, Puzzle Talk, Watch Tester, Pieces of Eight, Sharpshooter, Guillotine, and Rabbit Botania. You’ll get plenty of ideas on timing, delivery, and mixing messages/stories with magic from watching this. All clips come from live David Ginn performances at schools and family venues.