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Lights! Cameras! Magic!


The definitive book on working magic on television. After 23 years ofpresenting...

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The definitive book on working magic on television. After 23 years of presenting their weekly TV show-“Magicland”-in Memphis, TN, Dick and Virginia Williams spent years putting their knowledge and TV experience down on paper for you! The result is a hardbound volume, 200 pages 8 1/2 X 11 with 142 photos and 22 line drawings.

Lights! Cameras! Magic! teaches you TV magic from every angle- selling the show, sponsors, preparation & performing, using puppets, magic weatherman, the best magic for TV, original tricks, features & themes, TV clown, scripting.

Interspersed throughout the book are tricks that worked for Dick & Virginia, both on TV and in LIVE SHOWS, including Hindu Vase, Cups & Balls, Georgia Magnet Act, Appearing Donuts, Shy Guy Thumb Tie, Popularity Contest, Rising Table, Zombie Skull, Rabbit in Hat Puppet, Boy to Rabbit, Zig Zag & Clown Skits.

There has NEVER been a book quite like Lights! Cameras! Magic! because no one has ever performed over 1200 weekly broadcasts of a TV magic show-no one except Dick & Virginia Williams. This book is a story of their TV life . . . and if you ever desire working TV MAGIC, it’s a must read!