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Let Me Tell You a Story


164 page HB book teaching how to mix stories with magic and more.

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“It was just one boy, one rock, and one choice that changed his life. It all began in a little village in . . .” Storytelling grabs our attention! When someone says, “Let me tell you a story,” we want to listen. What happened to the little boy, how could one rock change his life? Storytelling also teaches values, touches our emotions, and brings people together. Let Me Tell You A Story will inspire and challenge you to discover and develop your potential to not just tell a story, but to perform it. You’ll read Barry’s best stories and poems and learn how to write your own. This book is for everyone from grandparents to professional speakers. Open the cover and let me tell you a story.  164 hardbound page book.

Yes, LET ME TELL YOU A STORY by Barry Mitchell is a wonder filled 164 page hardbound book all about the ART of PERFORMANCE STORYTELLING.  Using magic, puppets, toys, and lots of humor, Barry shares dozens of performance routine from his magic shows. Each one tells a story or delivers a message for children and family audiences.  Along with way you’ll learn storytelling techniques that will IMPROVE YOUR MAGIC performances. Highlights include Mother of All Diamonds (which I’ve done 100s of times), the Selfish Sultan, Pride vs Grace, Chicken Farmer, Dead Eye Duck, Old Woman in a Shoe, Three Card Monte,  and about 40 more routines!  SOLID MATERIAL.