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Komedy Kid-Show Klinic LIVE! 3 DVD set


Live 6-hr Kid-Show Klinic has been remastered for DVD, Menus and chapter stops...

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Originally released on video tape in 1997, the Live 6-hr Kid-Show Klinic has been remastered for DVD, Menus and chapter stops at each effect have been added. Taped live at the 47th performance of our original touring day-long Komedy Kid-Show Klinic in Atlanta, GA, this set features magic lectures from David Ginn and Sammy Smith, one lecture by Steve Taylor and an hour-long Question and Answer session with all three of us.

Almost six hours of magic for children content to help you be the best kid-show performer you can be. Our clothes (and jokes) may be dated, but all the content is gold. Successful principles never go out of style, so if you want to improve your patter, your performance or your puns, the Komedy Kid-Show Klinic Live! is a 3 DVD set you MUST own! You’ll watch ’em (and laugh) again and again.


  • David Ginn Lecture #1: Pom Pom Pole, My Pet Spot, Flower Wallet, Color Changing Shoelaces, Silver Sceptre, Mid-Made Queen, Thumbtip Streamers, Pet Store Pranks, and Big Red Card.
  • Sammy Smith Lecture #1: Shrinking Glove, Poof Ball, Crayons to Scarves, Crystal Tube, Miser’s Dream, Egg Bag, Nest of Boxes, and Radar Vision.
  • Steve Taylor Lecture: Educational Magic for Children, including Friendly Influence, Wilting Flower, Miracle Tube, Air-Head Rudy, Coloring Book, Up in Smoke, and Magic Drawing Board.
  • David Ginn Lecture #2: Slush Powder Trickery, Drum Head Tube, Planet Prediction, Billy the Kid Escapes, and No Mess Cake Bake.
  • Sammy Smith Lecture #2: Cut & Restored Rope, Ghost Card, Spider Beside Her, Sketch-O-Magic, Headband Blendo, Billiard Balls, Jasper the Ghost, and Puff the Magic Rabbit (BIG HIT of the klinic!).
  • Questions & Answers by Ginn/Smith/Taylor: a lively session of solid advice, stories and inspiration.

The original 3 VHS tape set sold originally for $95, but the 3-DVD version is a bargain.