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DOWNLOAD NOW! The 300-page Kidbiz hardback book I wrote 30 years ago is now available...

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KIDBIZ … David’s 300 page hardback book which has sold over 6000 copies is out of print. But now you can download it in full with a new color introduction about how David wrote the book. KIDBIZ contains over 500 jokes, gags, lines and bits of business, plus full routines like Cut & Restored Neckerchief, Comedy Card on Back, the Wander-Filled Card in Balloon, Vanishing Coke Bottle and much more. A goldmine of kidshow fun and routines. Order you download now at the link shown below. Yes, you can now have a $30 book for an amazing $13.00 download! Go fot it!

Click on to this link:   David Ginn Kidbiz   purchase and download for the low price of $13.00!  Over 300 pages of kidshow fun!