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Jumbo Vanishing Deck


Entire deck of jumbo cards vanishes inside wooden case!

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Here is the “card trick that is NOT a card trick!”  And it’s so easy to do! Show a jumbo deck of cards in a black case. Remove the box, then tell a spectator to name any card. He says 3 of Diamonds. You tell him the first card you take out will be his. So you open the case and remove a 52-on-one jumbo card: his card is one of the 52. Yes, ha, ha – but it’s not over.

Replace the card in the box and slide the box back into the black case. Say you’ll make that person’s card VANISH from the deck: one, two, three. When you turn it over, the black box is empty – the entire deck & card box are GONE!  Facts:  no card skill required, well made and easy to perform. Plus something better:  ONLY $15.00!