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JESUS 20th Century Silks


God is Love 36″ silk changes to a JESUS 36″ SILK, which vanishes and...

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Tie to 18″ silks together (red & blue); put them in a glass in sight. Show the 36″ God is Love silk, which transforms into a 36″ Jesus silk via a change bag. Patter about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, then vanish the Jesus silk. When you pull apart, the 36″ JESUS SILK is tied between the red & blue silks.  See photos.  Full routine by Steve Taylor and David Ginn included, plus instructions on the John Booth Hank Roll.  (See this on our site under MAGIC CLASSES.)  Retail on these silks is $70 sold separately.  Price for the entire 5 silk set with instructions is only $49.00 plus postage.