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Invisible Message


David Ginn mixes magic + education together in children’s shows! This...

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For nearly 40 years I have been entertaining and educating children in 300 yearly school programs. During that time — using trial & error — I developed my “Invisible Message” system of creating mental magic routines that children ENJOY. These routines are often educational, and they are ALWAYS FUN! By following my advice on this DVD—mixed with a dozen live & studio performances — you will learn how to create your own routines and produce the same kind of kidshow fun! Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Soda Cans & Magic Bottle
  • Dinosaur Mind Reader
  • Alaska Animals
  • V-Frozen Things
  • Eskimo YoYo
  • Inventions in History
  • Denzel Washington Book
  • Four Animals & Picture
  • Australia Girl
  • Pluto Planet
  • Big Money Live
  • Famous Georgians Live
  • Two More Big Forces
  • Closing Remarks & Bonus:
  • Dinosaur Puzzle Live!


This DVD includes It’s All the Same Trick, the David Ginn live 2002 video in which I first explained the method. The material on this DVD more than doubles what I showed eight years ago, running now 108 minutes. Once you understand and learn my way of creating routines, you’ll be using it the rest of your performing days. Children will love YOU for doing this, and you’ll marvel at the simplicity of the Invisible Message.