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Instant Miracles


Danny Orleans teaches some really cool tricks you can do anywhere, anytime, for...

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Miracle making is easy, and Danny Orleans proves it in this new DVD. With the methods he explains, you will learn some wonderful magic that packs a wallop: mind reading via cell phone, levitating a pencil, pulling a coin through someone’s hand, cut & restored rope, predicting dice numbers & more. In fact, the fi rst trick using a large calculator totally baffl ed ME! But now I can do it too! None of these tricks require any complicated sleight of hand. Each eff ect baffl es the average person, yet even beginners can perform them. Seasoned pros will know to add their own personality to each trick to make it a winner. If you asked me to recommend only ONE DVD to teach you some new, really usable tricks, Instant Miraces is the one!