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Hot Hot Hot BOOK!


Hot Hot Hot BOOK!Surprise, there’s a reasonably-priced hot book on the magic...

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Hot Hot Hot BOOK! Surprise, there’s a reasonably-priced hot book on the magic market, and I’ve used mine for five years in over 500 shows! Open the book, show the printed pages (over 50 you can flip through), even READ from it, and the next time you open the book fl ames rise out just as you see in that picture! “It’s the life story of Smokey the Bear,” I tell the kids. “It’s called HOW TO FIGHT FOREST FIRES!” More recently I put a Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire cover on mine. Kids go nuts about this. You can float a girl in the air, but they’ll still ask, “How did you make fi re come out of that book?”