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Hats Rabits & Swords


David performs a library show, explains it, then tops it off with the spectacular...

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Yes, here is the NEW unexpected, year-long-in-production, original David Ginn DVD filmed at the Kidabra conference in August 2004. What started out as a lecture became a complete library show performance, followed by an explanation of how’s and why’s. Then came the show after the show, with an illusion seldom seen at any magic convention and a hat production to top them all. It was a one time only David Ginn night to remember, filled with Hats, Rabbits, and Swords! Assisted by Brenda and Marty Hahne of Dazzling Magic, David starts the evening by discussing two magic principles, featuring the Red Big Hand and Middle Diddle Silk. Next comes a 45-minute performance of David’s MAD Reading Show, which includes Bookworm Warm-up, Cheat Blendo, Cane-Can, Rocco Delites, Steve Taylor’s Airhead Rudy, Quack-Quack the Mindreading Duck, Monster Hat Origami, Big Book Bag, the Book Cover Revealed, and the No Snake Box running gag. David’s Big Black Magic Hat routine, from the Crash Course on Kidshows book but never seen on video, is the highlight of the performance, along with the new Bunny Hat addition, which makes a cute girl audience volunteer into the hero. After the show David spends 20 minutes explaining the tricks and his thinking. Then comes the bonus—a live performance of Sherm’s NOMA, the Woman of 1000 Lives, which David calls simply “the Sword Box,” and following that, the Out of a Magic Hat Encore, a huge production with a big surprise ending. Total running time of this DVD-only product: 100 minutes!