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God’s Message in My Magic


David Ginn

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After a long time of thought and prayer, for the first time in the history of David Ginn, I am presenting at the national FCM convention, a lecture of magic tricks illustrating the gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason, I have written a 30-page set of lecture notes covering not only the routines with scripture references, but my personal testimony and my feeling about mixing messages, gospel or otherwise, with magic.

The nine routines in the lecture include:

    • Growing in Faith / Blooming Bouquet
    • Works vs. Faith / Double Color Changing Silks
    • The Bible in One Sentence / A Simple Card Move
    • Talents from God / Flower Wallet
    • Christ the Morning Star / Star of the Show
    • Who Will Be No. 1? / Silver Sceptre
    • A Well-Balanced Christian Life / Pom Pom Pole
    • The Prize of Commitment / Ring in a Ball of Yarn, and
    • The Nature of Man / BWR Color Changing Shoelaces.

    The lecture and notes both close with “A Story That Matters,” a personal experience of mine that has shown me clearly that God is working in my life as a magician, author, lecturer, and entertainer of children.