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Glitter Pom Pom Pole


A toy puzzle that leaves audience heads scratching, as pom poms pulled up and down...

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No exaggeration: I took my last 22 Glitter Pom Pom Poles to Blackpool England, performed my toy shop routine, and SOLD OUT immediately after the lecture. Hey, someone even bought my own, and I had orders for more. So Jim Green in Florida got back to work and made some more! And they’re still selling! Originally popularized by Doug Henning on an 80s TV show, this trick is currently being made by many manufacturers. Jim’s, in my opinion, is THE BEST. Why? It works smoothly, and it’s the right size. This 10-inch pole will fit inside your coat or back pocket YET is large enough to perform close-up or stage. What happens? You pull the various pom poms (red, yellow, blue, green) back and forth, up and down, from one side to another, puzzling the audience. Then you separate the two halves of the pole showing nothing inside. When you join the pole again, the pom poms resume working. Hey, it’s MAGIC! Several routines included with a precision made product! .