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Giant Zipper Banana


A giant banana unzips and does tricks.

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WOW! Take a look! In a nutshell, here is the best ZIPPER BANANA ever made! Magician, clown or MC decides to take a break, pulls a banana from his pocket, UNZIPS it, peels back the yellow skin, takes a bite, then zips the banana back up and pockets it. Repeat this as a running gag. Now you can have this OVERSIZE model, which automatically makes kids laugh. But there’s more: this zipper banana contains an imitation banana inside, which has a FACE on it! You can use the fake banana just to keep the shape of the zipper jacket OR make it talk if you’re a vent! Or let the banana whisper in your ear and tell the kids what it says: “You’re name is Chiquita? You’ve got a PEEL? You know Senator Dole?” Stuff like that. Or use a real banana inside with the usual routine. Instructions have more gags you’ll love using.