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GENE GORDON, founder of the IBM, wrote his lifetime book in 1980—filled...

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Lynne and David spent six months “burning the midnight oil” in early 1980 to produce GENE GORDON’S book of a lifetime — MAGICAL LEGACY.  Hard bound, 362 pages of autobiography and tricks from close up to stage, adventures of traveling the USA during the 1930s and 40s doing 700 shows yearly and much much more.  Famous magicians GENE met figure into the mix of magical stories, like Karrell Fox, Ted Anneman, Neil Foster, Lady Frances, Bob Weill, MAWNY and the early days of the IBM, which Gene founded with another magician in 1922. You will learn plenty from these pages IF you can get a copy.  Our one time first edition of 2000 copies sold out 10 years ago, but we still find copies occasionally that we offer for sale.  Copies have gone for $80-100, but right now we have TWO very good condition books with new dust jackets on them.  Order yours today!