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Future Fungus


Simple prop, silly name. Red & yellow flowers magically changes places...

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Weird Tit1e. Really Good Trick. FINALLY, AFTER PERFORMING this effect in school shows for two years, I have decided to offer it to you. Here’s what happens: You hold this two foot stem with SIX FEATHER FLOWERS on it. The bottom three are RED, top three are YELLOW. One, two, three red. One, two, three yellow. It’s that simple. Placing your hand over the bottom flower, you slowly slide your hand over each flower from bottom to top. What’s this? No longer are there three reds on bottom, three yellows on the top. Instead, the flowers now alternate: red – yellow – red – yellow – red – yellow! It takes a moment for the audience to realize what has happened because it’s so . .. ODD! And your hand is absolutely empty! But the trick doesn’t stop there. Wiggling your fingers, still empty, you pass that hand once again over the six flowers from bottom to top, Voila! The flowers now appear exactly as they were originally: reds on bottom, yellows on top. Bow to applause! GREAT ADVANTAGE: Performed as I do above, there is never a set-up because the second movement resets the trick. All you need is the flower-Future Fungus-and instructions. EASY!