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Fun Balloon Creations


A 150 book on CD-ROM teaching you how to make money twisting balloon figures. Also...

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Car Jonesl spent years learning and putting down in print his techniques for making money doing balloon sculptures. Now you can learn from him! First, understand that Carl’s entire 150 page book is on a CD-ROM. You put it into your computer or laptop to read it and see dozens of color pictures & drawings. What will you find: things kids like, advertising, best balloon gags, everything about pricing, which balloon NOT to make, criteria for a balloon twisting gig, best lighting, what to do with kids in line, 10 things you must NOT forget, $20 balloon in 3 minutes, free mailing list, time-saving ideas for $1, ultimate clown school tip, feedback about competition, the BIGGEST SECRET about giving away balloons and MORE! Bonus: 7 hours of audio tracks of Carl reading and explaining the book to you, including additional tips, ideas & advice. If you twist balloons for pay, you cannot afford to pass up this book!