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Frog in My Throat


Cough, cough! Then pretend to pull this funny frog out of your mouth.

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Shades of Goshman! Yes, it’s sponge and it’s GREEN…and it’s a great SIGHT GAG you’ll carry in your pocket all the time. Clowns, magicians, family entertainers—this is for YOU! Just pretend to cough a few times, putting your hand to your mouth. On the third cough, open your hand palm up and there he is—the CUTEST 3-dimensional GREEN FROG you’ve ever seen! My photo doesn’t do him justice! You must see him LIVE to appreciate how NEAT this little fellow is! This GREEN SPONGE FROG (made by Gosh) easily collapses to hide right in your hand. Use him for the throat gag, or produce him from anywhere else.