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Flower Wallet


Simple prop, silly name. Red & yellow flowers magically changes places...

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Take the Himber Wallet principle and turn it into a Kids Trick-and voila! you have the Flower Wallet!

Show this oversized black cardboard wallet inside out . . . even take a dollar bill out of it. Next time you open it there are two spring flowers inside. How nice. But then you repeat the trick, making two more flowers appear. And again, again, again until you have magically produced ten colorful flowers, two at a time. You could even have paper money or a selected card appear at the end!

What more can I say about this bargain? You get the wallet, ten spring flowers, and instructions with lots of clever ideas. Use it as a running gag, keeping the wallet insight the whole time. Or tell the children about the magician you saw as a kid, how he produced flowers, how you went to a shop to buy the trick, but never could find it-so that’s why you can’t do that trick today, all the time performing flower after flower production!