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Fantasio’s Cane and Candle Book No.1


“When David asked to write a book about my canes and candles, and when I later...








I met David Ginn in July of 1968. At that time I had traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to participate in the IBM Convention contest which later obtained three first prizes for my “Candelabra” and for my “Triple Color Changing Cane.” David was the first to acquire my “Color Changing Cane” and also the first to present it on one of the shows at the convention.

Since then, we have continued our friendship, and as time passed, I could appreciate David Ginn’s talent for creating new tricks and improving old ones. To each effect he always adds a detail of perfection, something very important which the majority of magicians overlook.

I have had the opportunity of reading three of David Ginn’s books: COLORFUL MAGIC, STRICTLY VISUALS, and THE SNAKE CAN; and I can assure you that his ideas are valuable to both the professional and the amateur magician.

When David asked to write a book about my canes and candles, and when I later read his manuscript, I did not for a moment hesitate in giving my approval. I am sure that the reader will find many interesting and useful magic ideas to employ here.

It is with much satisfaction that I acknowledge this book by David Ginn, who has written for the first time a book concerning my products, because it is toward them that I have dedicated all my efforts and affection.

I only wish to add: David Ginn, thank you very much!

JANUARY 29, 1971